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Shoes from the MAG's Collection

Shoes from the MAG's Collection

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Collections Spotlight: Shoes!

The MAG's Associate Curator of Clothing & Textiles, Katelin, has been working with accessories in our collection lately. Today we want to share some of the footwear we have in our collection!

Shoe Collection Facts:

We have over 300 pairs of shoes and boots, most dating from 1890 to about 1990.

Most of these are women’s high heels from c. 1940-1980, but we also have men’s formal and work shoes, military boots, and other specialty footwear.

This pair of c. 1960s stiletto heels are made from very shiny red patent leather and were owned and worn in Red Deer. My favourite detail of many of our older shoes is the metal reinforcements that were put onto the heels and toes to help them last longer. These small pieces of metal helped these shoes last long enough to become a part of our collection.

1981.230.1 a&b
These amazing 1920s heels are made from a silver brocade that includes actual metal yarns. They were made in France and owned by a woman from Red Deer, who wore them with a blue silk dress with rhinestones that is also in our collection.

2005.55.56 a&b
This pair of brain-tanned moose or deer hide moccasins was made by a Cree family as a gift for a farmer in Lacombe in 1950. They are embroidered with coloured cotton embroidery thread and trimmed with muskrat fur.

1983.456.1 a&b
These tiny cowboy boots are well-worn and similar to many similar boots that were available in catalogues in the mid-20th century. They are well-worn and the heels have been resoled at least once.

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