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Art For Families - June 29, 2021

Today's art activity for you to do at home:

Prairie Garden Beds

On Tuesdays at 11am we go "live" on our YouTube and Facebook pages with art for #families.

To go with the theme of the MAG's featured exhibit “A Prairie Vernacular”, we're going to draw inspiration from our prairie surrounds to create watercolour paintings of blocky garden beds.

Don't forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter @RedDeerMuseum or Instagram @rdmag #MAGsatathome with your creations! We'd love to see them.


ABSTRACT: Art that suggests its’ subject matter rather than directly representing it. In the case of this piece, our garden beds are more abstract than representational.

HUE: The shade or value of a colour—defined by the dominant colour in relation to other colours it is mixed with. For instance, a greenish -yellow, or a yellow-green.

UNITY: The way all the elements in a piece of art lend themselves well to the overall look and feel of the art.

Watch our YouTube for step-by-step demonstration!


You can download the instructions in an 11x17 pdf format here

What You Need: Materials needed- watercolour paper, water, watercolour paint, palette, brushes, paper-towel.

Step 1: Start by using the darkest green in your palette to paint squares and rectangles. These will be the garden beds you’ll be filling with delicious-looking painted fruits & veggies!

Step 2. Mix up some green with a bit of yellow. You want it to be noticeably lighter then the green you just used for your squares! Fill in the space outside your garden beds, but not inside!

Step 3. Fill in the background of your garden beds. They won’t all look the same! Some will be plain colours, some will have rows. Experiment with mixing yellows and greens to achieve a variety of colours.

Step 4. Now let’s have some fun and get gardening! Paint in your fruits and veggies. If you like how the rows look in some beds, you can leave those as is. Use reds, oranges, and any other colours you like to add rows of your favourite garden fare. Use dark green to paint some leaves on to complete your piece.

Prairie Garden Bed art project

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