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Art For Families - May 4, 2021

Today's art activity for you to do at home:

Cut Landscapes

On Tuesdays at 11am we go "live" on our YouTube and Facebook pages with art for #families.

Today's art project will have us exploring the rhythm of mountains, and using negative spaces between cut paper to make a brightly coloured landscape

Don't forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter @RedDeerMuseum or Instagram @rdmag #MAGsatathome with your creations! We'd love to see them.

ABSTRACT: Art that is not directly representational of its subject matter—the artists will use shapes and colours to communicate the idea of the subject matter.

DYNAMIC LANDSCAPE: Landscape that isn’t flat—think hills, mountains, trees—lots going on!

POSITIVE SPACE: The main subject of interest in a piece of art.

NEGATIVE SPACE: The space surrounding the main subject matter in a piece of art.

AMBIGUOUS SPACE: Space that is neither clearly negative or positive. Carries aspects of pos. and neg. space.

Watch our YouTube for step-by-step demonstration!


You can download the instructions in a pdf format here.

What You Need: 3 to 4 different colours of cardstock, 2 pieces of white paper, glue stick, scissors, pencil.

Step 1. Draw some lines to divide your white paper. (Think of dynamic landscapes like rolling hills and mountains!)

Step 2. Cut your paper into sections along the drawn lines.

Step 3. Using your other colours, draw and cut out some more landscape shapes. Play around with shapes by layering your newly cut pieces under and over your original landscape shapes.

Step 4. Once you’re happy with the placement of your pieces, glue everything down. You can also add elements like a sun, or some trees to bring your landscape to life!

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