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A Generous Gift: Dorothy Knowles Paintings

A Generous Gift: Dorothy Knowles Paintings

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Over the next three weeks, we will be looking at three generous gifts given to the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery by Father Jozef Wroblewski. Father Jozef is originally from Winnipeg but came to Red Deer as Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and served as chaplain at the Remand Centre.

Painting by Dorothy Knowles Mountain Stream, nd, acrylic on canvas

Father Jozef explained that in the years he worked and lived in Red Deer, he found the city to be welcoming and alive – something he hopes Red Deer will continue to be for years to come. An avid collector of art from an early age, Father Jozef has sought to give back to the community he enjoyed so much.

The most recent gift he presented to the museum, the one we’ll be looking at this week, are three beautiful paintings by Saskatchewan artist, Dorothy Knowles.

Painting by Dorothy Knowles Heavy Clouds, nd, acrylic on canvas

Dorothy Knowles is one of Canada’s best known landscape painters. Being born and raised in Saskatchewan, she has spent nearly seventy years depicting the airy skies and open grasslands of the prairies.

Painting by Dorothy Knowles Icy Depth, nd, acrylic on canvas

She works in watercolour, charcoal, pastel and diluted oil and acrylic paints which lend her paintings a softness and slight abstraction. In the case of the three paintings donated to the Red Deer MAG by Father Jozef, we see that Dorothy has left her home on the Saskatchewan prairies for the mountains west of Red Deer.

Three landsacape paintings by Dorothy Knowles

Check back next week for Part 2 of A Generous Gift!

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