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20th Anniversary of Pine Lake Tornado

20th Anniversary of Pine Lake Tornado

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Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the Pine Lake tornado. 

The Pine Lake tornado was a deadly tornado in central Alberta which occurred on Friday, July 14, 2000 and struck a campground and a trailer park. Twelve people were killed, making it the first deadly tornado in Canada since 1987.

The tornado began as a thunderstorm west of Pine Lake, a community about 50 kilometres southeast of Red Deer. It quickly grew into the Category 3 tornado, hitting the Green Acres Campground with wind speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour. The tornado uprooted trees, flattened vehicles and hurled RVs into the water.

July 14, 2020 - Global News  IN PHOTOS: A look back at the Pine Lake tornado 20 years later

What was Benalto artist Dave More doing on July 14, 2000? After a morning of painting in his wife Yvette's garden, he was intrigued by the cloud formations and headed into the country to paint the skies.

… and as I turned, I looked toward Red Deer, and the sky was absolutely black. There’s this bright canola field in front of me, band of extreme yellow, and this black sky – “oh my god, what’s going on” …

Check out the video below for Dave's memories of that day and how his painting Storm of Sorrows came to be:

We currently have a collection of Dave's works on display in the exhibit, Shore Figures: Sylvan Lake. See this exhibit at the MAG until September 5, 2020. Book your visit here.

Dave More's Shore Figures: Sylvan Lake

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