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Paper, yarn, watercolours and colours! We are making Sea Horses today and a space for them to live.

Keeping the Creativity at Home with miniMAG - May 27, 2020

Time for miniMAG at home!

Sea Horse Relief

Neigh or click? Did you know sea horses make clicking sounds?! They growl too!

You can download the instructions here

What You Need: Sea Horse Templates (you can do an online search for some), watercolour paper, watercolours, brushes, glue, cardstock, beads and yarn.

Step 1: Trace Sea horse onto watercolour paper and paint.

Step 2: Tear brown cardstock into stripes and glue on blue cardstock for sand.

Step 3: Trace or draw plants and coral and cut out. Glue onto sea bed.

Step 4: Cut out Sea horse and glue. Embellish with yarn and beads.

miniMAG Sea Horse Relief infographic


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