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MAGsparks - Tree Slice Drawings

MAGsparks - Tree Slice Drawings

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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGsparks - March 30, 2020

Time for a popular past project from MAGsparks for you to do in your homes!

Tree Slice Drawings

For today's project, we'll be taking a very close look at the details of tree slices to do some beautiful drawings in graphite and ink.

You can download the instructions in an 11x17 pdf format here or the infographic here

What You Need: Paper, pens, pencils, tree cookies or a reference image from online or a magazine.

Step 1: Remember to draw LIGHTLY! :) Begin by drawing the outside shape of your tree slice. Pay attention to any bumps, cracks, or dips! Remember, trees aren’t perfectly round, so your outer circle of bark and your inner tree circles will won’t be perfectly round. This makes your drawing more interesting! You can map out the centre of your tree rings by lightly drawing some lines from the most prominent bumps and dips on the outside of your tree towards the inside.

Step 2: Draw your inner tree rings—you can start applying more pressure to create darker parts of the tree rings. Notice that the rings won’t be evenly spaced! They tend to get thinner and closer together towards the outer rings.

Step 3: Go in and finish your masterpiece with a drawing pen!

MAGsparks tree slices infographic

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