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MAG Saturdays - Josef Albers Inspired Self-Portrait

MAG Saturdays - Josef Albers Inspired Self-Portrait

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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - March 28, 2020

We know our MAG families are missing out on their Saturday art-making with us so we wanted to bring you the activity that was scheduled for today for you to do in your homes!

Josef Albers Inspired Self-Portrait

Josef Albers- was an American- German artist best known for his iconic colour square paintings the Homage to the Square series. Using solid squares of coloured paper, we will create a 'self portrait'. You will then get to layer some paper to allow this portrait to be 3-D!

Self Portrait- refers to a painting that depicts the artist that produced it. Selfportraiture is its own distinct genre of art, like that of the landscape or the still life.

Collage- from the French verb coller, meaning ‘to glue’. Collage can refer to both the actual procedure of cutting and pasting, as well as the final artistic process.

You can download the instructions in an 11x17 pdf format here or the infographic here

What You Need: different colours of scrap book paper and/or construction paper, glue stick, scissors.

Step 1: Cut a piece of colourful paper to be 12x12”. This will be the background for your self-portrait.

Step 2: Pick out different coloured paper for your clothes. Arrange your clothes on background so as to see how your selfportrait is looking. *Remember to cut the pieces in squares and rectangles!

Step 3: Find skin coloured paper and cut out a piece for your head. Cut out ears if you normally see them. Cut out white for your eyes, then your iris colour and some black for the pupils. * Have fun and give your self a nose (or not), lips, earrings, eyebrows, etc.

Step 4: Pick out paper to match your hair colour and give yourself a rectangular hairstyle! Do you normally wear ponytails or style your hair in spikes? Try to give your portrait that hair.

Step 5: Now glue all the pieces down and step back to see your masterpiece!

josef albers portrait Josef Albers Inspired self portraits

MAgsat josef albers portrait

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