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MAG Saturdays - Visual Investigation

MAG Saturdays - Visual Investigation

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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - March 21, 2020

We know our MAG families are missing out on their Saturday art-making with us so we wanted to bring you the activity that was scheduled for today for you to do in your homes!

Visual Investigation

Today we will be investigating colour, form, and texture! You will get to choose an item to be the subject of your artwork. Then, you will get to use all sorts of different materials to "describe" your item on the page. Draw or paint it, write notes about it, add pieces of string, fabric, or scrapbook paper that match the texture of your subject. At the end, you will have a wonderfully detailed mixed media peice!

You can download the instructions in an 11x17 pdf format here or the infographic here

What You Need: Mixed media paper, pencils, pens, assorted scrap paper like newsprint or kraft paper, chalk & oil pastels, watercolour tools, stamps & ink. (not everyone will have access to all of the supplies so feel free to substitute with items you have such as markers or pencil crayons and acrylic paint - go ahead and experiment!)

Step 1: First, get crafty making a textured background . Try ripping and gluing down pieces of newspaper or brown kraft paper, then laying a chalk pastel ground for some subtle colour.

Step 2: The focal point of your visual investigation is going to be a drawing of your object! You can try doing it in oil pastels, or perhaps with pens! You want to make this drawing the biggest thing on your page.

Step 3: Now we take it a step further. What can you add to your page that tells the viewer about the thing you just drew? Some ideas: write the name of it in various languages, use pastels to make a colour swatch, look up facts about your object and write them in list format.

Step 4: You can add other elements to your composition with watercolour, you can stamp descriptive words about your object… whatever you can think of! The end result is a lovely and interesting piece of mixed media art.

MAGsat visual investigation

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