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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - March 27, 2021

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Oil Pastel Cityscape Resist

Oil pastel and watercolour when used together can create MAGnificent art! Join us and learn how to use these materials to create a mixed media cityscape in today’s #MAGsatathome activity.

The basic concept of watercolour wax resist, is that you lay down some wax on your paper (such as oil pastels or wax crayons), paint over the wax with watercolour and the wax resists the watercolour leaving the white of the paper exposed!

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You can download the instructions here.

Pre-recorded instructions.

What You Need: 9x12” sheet of heavy weight gray pastel paper, white & yellow oil pastel sticks, metal fork or spoon, dark blue watercolour or ink, large flat watercolour brush, container of water, paper towel.

Step 1. Turn the paper portrait style and fold the paper in half making sure to create a strong crease.

Step 2. Use the white oil pastel to draw a cityscape on the top half of the paper. Add some simple tree shapes, buildings with windows, streetlights, stars, and a moon.

*Once you have the scene drawn out, you will want to go over your image with the oil pastel to make sure a thick layer of pastel is on the paper.

*You can also add some yellow to the moon and/or some of the windows if you choose.

Step 3. Fold the paper over again. Using the metal spoon, rub the side of the spoon over the paper.

*You will need to do this quite firmly and possibly more than once! Make sure to check periodically to see if your image has transferred to the other side of the paper completely.

*If the yellow did not transfer well, add yellow to the reflection on the bottom trying to mirror where you placed it in the top.

Step 4. You can now paint the top half of the street scene with dark blue watercolour. The oil pastel will resist the paint leaving behind your drawing!

*Pastel paper is not meant to hold a lot of water so try not to saturate the paper with water.

Step 5. The middle of the paper and the whole cityscape side should be painted with a darker blue and then add water to dilute the blue as you paint to the water below the cityscape.  *This will help give the appearance of water.

*Once the image is dry, place it under something heavy and the paper will flatten back out.

oil pastel cityscape resist instructions

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