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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - March 13, 2021

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Painted Street Scenes

Learn how you can use paint to make the shapes, and markers to define the forms and edges to create a street scene in today’s #MAGsatathome activity!

A Contour Line defines the outline of a form, as well as its interior structure, without the use of shading.

Some contour line drawings will include outlines of important interior shapes such as wrinkles in cloth or objects on a bookshelf, but never contain shading

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You can download the instructions here.

FB Live Instructions

What You Need: Piece of canvas paper painted a pale apricot colour, various acrylic paint colours, including white and black, palette, various brush sizes, black fine tipped sharpie, water, paper-towels, -optional- sheet of paper to practice contour lines on.

Step 1. Choose a colour and paint a square-like shape for the cab of a truck. Then pick another colour and paint a rectangular-like tank and add circular wheels. At this point, paint rough shapes for signs, a dog, and so on.

Step 2. Create an apricot type colour like the background by mixing orange and white together. Use this colour to paint the windows and headlights. *This colour is also good to use if you’d like to add a slight curve to the tank in order to show a bit of depth.

Step 3. When your street scene is dry, and without lifting your marker, outline the whole cab with a black tipped marker. You may need to go over some lines twice. *Going over some lines twice will also make the contour line of your truck more interesting!

Step 4. Continue the contour line onto the tank. Draw a shape for the flat part at the front of the tank, then outline the back part. *By separating the front and back of the tank this way, your contour line shows that this is not a flat object but one that is 3-dimensional.

Step 5. Continue the contour line around and around for the wheels and along under the truck as well. Whatever else is on your street, should also have a contour line around it. *Just remember to not lift your marker!

Instructions for Painted Street Scenes

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