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Jim Dine inspired Heart Plaque

Jim Dine inspired Heart Plaque

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miniMAG at home - Jim Dine Inspired Heart Plaque

Popsicle sticks, beads and air-dry clay make a lovely pop art plaque. You will need a few special supplies for this activity. Check out your local art supplies store for air-dry clay; Crayola air-dry clay can be found and some Staples and Michael’s stores.

Download Instructions here

What you need: Popsicle sticks, air clay, beads, gems, buttons, pipe cleaner, hot glue, wax paper.

Step 1. Arrange Popsicle sticks to make a square. Glue 2 sticks on the sides fix them together.

Step 2. Make a heart shape with air-dry clay that will fit in the middle of your plaque. Use wax paper so the heart doesn’t stick to the table.

Step 3. Decorate your plaque with beads, gems and buttons. Glue heart on the plaque.

Step 4. Add beads to pipe cleaner and then glue to the back to make a hanger.

Jim Dine Inspired heart plaque art activity for kids

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