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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - January 30, 2021

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Barren Winter Tree

We will be using black acrylic paint and cardboard to create a barren landscape over a beautifully painted winter watercolour sky!

Texture is the element of art that creates the look and feel of an object’s outside surface. We experience texture with our sense of touch and our sense of sight. Artists can visually represent texture with repeated patterns. You would use patterns to try and make the surface of your art, look the way it would feel if you touched it.

Wet on Wet means that wet paint is applied to wet paper or added to a wash of fresh wet paint.

A Horizon Line is the place in your art, where the sky and land meet.

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You can download the instructions here.

What You Need: 11x14” watercolour paper, painters tape, flat board slightly larger than the paper, large flat brush, water, paper-towels, and small piece of cardboard, black acrylic paint.

Step 1. Begin by using the painter’s tape to attach the watercolour paper to the board.

*Not only does the painters tape give you a nice boarder on your art, but it also helps the paper not buckle as much when water is added to the paper!

Step 2. This project uses the Wet on wet painting technique. You will want to wet the area of the paper that you will be painting on before adding the paint.

*You don’t want to pre-wet to much of the paper since the paper will dry to quickly. Begin at the bottom of the page with the lightest colour of paint you will be using.

Step 3. Make sure your brush is clean before you move on to the next colour or you will contaminate the colour and not get as pure of a colour. Swish your brush around well in the water and blot the brush on paper-towel to see if it’s clean.

Step 4. If you want any of your colours to be more vibrant, wait until the colour is almost dry, and then add another layer of paint!

Step 5. Once the watercolour is dry, take the thin side of a piece of cardboard and dip it in some black acrylic paint. Using the cardboard like a stamp, create a horizon line in the bottom third of the paper. Once you have created the horizon line, create a tree, a fence and some interest on the ground!

*As long as the paper is dry, remove the tape. Make sure to pull low and slow! If some of the paper does come off with the tape, carefully repaint that section or use some glue to re-add the paper.

Barren Winter tree art instructions

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