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miniMAG at home - Catch a Snowflake Mitten

Draw a colourful mitten and catch a falling Snowflake in today’s #minimagathome art activity!

Download Instructions here

What you need: blue construction paper, oil pastels, white paper for snowflake, scissors, and glue.

Step 1. Trace a large mitten shape around an adult’s hand. Outline with white pastel.

Step 2. Divide the mitten into sections and draw patterns with the white pastel.

Step 3. Colour in each section of the patterns with pastels. Colour in your arm. Use white to make snowflakes all around the mitten on the blue background.

Step 4. Make a snowflake from paper and glue onto the mitten in the middle. Add glitter if you want to be extra!

minimag mitten instructions

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