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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - January 9, 2021

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Bursts of Squares

Create art using tape and watercolours in today’s #MAGsatathome activity!

One-point perspective is a way of drawing objects on a flat piece of paper/ surface, so that they look 3-dimensional and realistic.

One-point perspective is a drawing method that shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards a single vanishing point on the horizon line.

A vanishing point is a point on the drawing surface where parallel lines meet making things look 3 dimensional.

The horizon line is the place on your drawing where the sky and land meet.

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You can download the instructions here.

What You Need: 9x12” sheet of paper, hard graphite pencil, ruler, eraser, various colours of pencil crayons, ultra-fine tipped sharpie.

Step 1. Using your pencil, place a dot in the center of your page. *Don’t worry if it is not exact. You just need a dot around the middle of your page! Then begin drawing different sized squares around the dot. Have some go off the page and change the angle of some of the squares.

Step 2. Using your ruler, line up one edge of a square with the dot. Use your pencil to connect the two. Draw a line from each edge of the squares to the dot.

Step 3. Use your ruler to draw over the lines you created with an ultra-fine tipped sharpie.

Step 4. With the sharpie, create a different design in each square. See how many different types of designs you can create!

Step 5. Choose a different coloured pencil crayon for each burst (triangle), under the squares. If you colour lighter to darker or darker to lighter, this will help make the triangle bursts under the squares look 3-dimensional! If you have 2 triangles under a square, colour the other side the opposite way you coloured the first. For Example, if one side is light to dark, colour the other one dark to light.

*You can vary the lightness by how hard you are pressing on your pencil crayon. If you want the colour lighter, don’t press as hard. For a darker colour, press harder.

MAgsaturdays bursts of squares instructions

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