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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - January 2, 2021

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Stained-Glass Star

Create art using tape and watercolours in today’s #MAGsatathome activity!

If you’d like to see our Facebook Live video for this activity visit here.

Salt is a fun, experimental tool to use when watercolour painting! There are infinite watercolour effects that are possible when using salt with watercolour. The salt crystals soak up the liquid from the watercolour paint, creating areas without as much pigment.

A “Line” in art is defined as a point moving in space. It is one of the most crucial elements of art, as everything begins with a simple dot in space that transforms into lines and then drawings.

Lines are literally a moving dot!

Lines can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or curved. They can also be any width or texture.

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You can download the instructions here.

What You Need: Sheet of 9x12” watercolour paper, watercolours, table salt, medium sized brush, painter’s tape, scissors, container of water, paper-towels, optional- pencil, eraser.

Step 1. You can either pre-draw your image with the pencil, or you may begin ‘drawing’ with the tape! *If you pre-draw with pencil, you will probably want to erase your pencil lines before laying down the tape.

Step 2. By taking a strip of tape and attaching it to the edge of your workspace, this will make it easier to cut long thin strips of tape to ‘draw’ with.

*Don’t worry about getting evenly sized pieces of tape. Having the tape be different thicknesses, adds to the overall interest of the finished artwork!

Step 3. After you are happy with your ‘drawing’, begin painting each section a different colour with the watercolour paint.

*Remember to swish the paint brush well in the water before switching colours. If your paintbrush is still dirty, you will contaminate the new colour you are wanting to use with the colour you just used!

Step 4. When your paint is still wet, go ahead and sprinkle a little salt on each section. If the section is dry, the salt will not work. It is best to paint a few sections and then add some salt.

*If the paint is too thick on your paper, the salt will not create much of an effect.

Step 5. When your painting is completely dry, brush the salt off. You may now begin to remove the tape! Work slowly and keep your hand close to the paper. DO NOT lift the tape straight up or pull too fast! This could cause your paper to tear. If you end up tearing your paper a bit, use a glue stick to put the paper back into place.

MAGsaturday infographic for Satined Glass Star


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