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miniMAG at home - Stacked Tree Sculpture (bonus activity)

We’re cutting and stacking cardboard pieces again; only this time we’ll make a towering tree to drizzle with paint!

Download Instructions here

What you need: Recycling Cardboard, scissors, acrylic paint, cup, foil pan, spacers, and hot glue.

Step 1:  Cut squares of cardboard in descending size. There can be more than one of each size.

Step 2:  Arrange squares and glue into a towering tree. Put spacers in foil pan and set down the tree so it doesn’t touch the bottom.

Step 3: Pour different shades of green, yellow and white in a cup. Depending on size of tree you’ll probably need at least a cup full.

Step 4. Slowly and carefully pour the paint all over the tree. Try to cover it all and keep the paint drips inside the foil pan. Once dry you could add a decorative base. Maybe even decorate with tiny decorations for Christmas.

minimag stacked tree sculpture instructions

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