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Shaving Cream Christmas Tree

Shaving Cream Christmas Tree

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miniMAG at home - Shaving Cream Christmas Tree

Let’s make prints with shaving cream then turn them into festive Christmas Trees! Or, instead of cutting a tree out you could use your print as uniquely colourful wrapping paper.

For the Facebook Live video we did of this activity on click here!

Download Instructions here

What you need: Shaving cream, board or foil pan, food colouring, skewer, credit card/cardboard scraper, watercolour or multimedia paper 11x17ish, pastels, and/or chalk.

Step 1:  Squirt foam into a triangle 6”x 8” on a board or foil pan. Level the bumps with the card.

Step 2:  Drop green and yellow food colouring on the foam and swirl with skewer. Add a few drops of another colour and swirl into ornament shaped balls.

Step 3: Lay paper on top and squish down evenly. Lift paper off the foam and scrap off all the shaving cream with the card.

Step 4. Draw decorations like lights, ornaments and stars with pastels. You can cut out the tree and glue it onto a coloured background or colour the background of the printed tree paper with chalks or pastels to make a wintery scene.

shaving cream christmas tree minimag art activity

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