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Family & Party Fare: 5 More Sweet Treats to Try

Family & Party Fare: 5 More Sweet Treats to Try

Posted in: Historic Baking

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5 Sweet Treats to try this Holiday Season

The second cookbook we are looking at this month as part of our Historic Baking: Holiday Edition series is: 

Family and Party Fare

family and party fare community cookbook, holiday setting

This little cookbook measures approx 4 x 6.5 inches and appears to be a community cookbook that was compiled by a group at the Gaetz United Church. We can't say for sure what year it was published, but guess it to be from around the 1950-60s. 

Click each recipe name for a printable PDF of the recipe:

Chocolate Chip Mint Macarons - click to view recipe blog

MAG Tested Recipe: Chocolate Chip Macarons

"I tried a recipe called Chocolate Chip Macaroons, but macaroons are usually made with coconut, and this looked more like a recipe that would create meringues..."


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