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Historic Baking: Mint Chocolate Chip Macarons

Historic Baking: Mint Chocolate Chip Macarons

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Making Mint & Chocolate Chip Macaroons, Recipe c.?
with Joanne, MAG Art Curator

I made a recipe from this tiny cookbook in our museum library called Family and Party Fare from the Gaetz Memorial Evening Group. I can only assume this was a community cookbook compiled by a group at Gaetz United Church.

Does anyone else in Red Deer have this cookbook?

I tried a recipe called Chocolate Chip Macaroons, but macaroons are usually made with coconut, and this looked more like a recipe that would create meringues. After making it, I think the recipe was meant to be called Chocolate Chip Macarons (even though the recipe isn't quite right for a macaron!)

These cookies had the chewy consistency of a French macaron and everyone who tried them agreed that they were delicious. The peppermint essence gave them a very Christmas-y flavour!

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