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Paper Bag Puppets

Family Art Wednesdays 

Today for Family Art Wednesdays, you will be creating paper bag puppets! Will you make an animal puppet? Person puppet? T-rex puppet?

Download the instructions here.

What you need: Paper bag, coloured cardstock, patterned paper, vinyl stickers, glue, scissors, fancy scissors, buttons, pompoms, yarn, pipe cleaners, hot glue.

Step 1. Choose coloured paper or vinyl sticker shapes for your pet body or person’s clothing.   Glue down shapes onto top of bag for face and body, or clothing. Decorating the back of the bag is optional. HINT: Use vinyl stickers like tape for hair.

Step 2.  Cut out pet details or clothing details such as paws, ears, belly, belts, toques, and mouths, tongues, from coloured paper or from vinyl stickers. Attach all parts.

Step 3. Face details:  Use buttons, or bottle caps for eyes, pipe cleaners for whiskers or eyebrows, yarn for hair, pompoms for noses or details.  Hot glue on.

Family Art Paper Bag Puppets Instruction

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