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Keeping the Creativity at Home with MAGnificent Saturdays - July 25, 2020

Today's MAGnificent Saturdays art activity for you to do at home:

Tape Resist Birch Trees

Today you will be creating marbled ‘lollipops’! Colourful enough you could almost take a bite - but save that for a real lollipop.

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You can download the instructions here.

What You Need: Watercolour paper, painters tape (green or blue tape), pencil, watercolour brushes, pencil crayon in black, brown and red (or any other colours you like).

Step 1. Rip up some tape and use it to create ‘trees’ on the paper. Try to get some of the ‘trees’ to sit in the foreground, middle ground, and background.

Step 2.  Draw some hills in the image, and using watercolour paint your outdoors scene!  The tape will resist the paint, leaving the paper underneath white.

Tip - If you are creating winter trees, snow often appears various shades of purple when in shadow. Have fun creating different types of purple!

Shade – when you add black to a colour to make it darker.

Step 3. When the watercolour is dry, carefully peel the tape off.

Step 4. Use the pencil crayons to add the details to your trees. The dark, slightly curved lines are what signify to the viewer what kind of trees these are.

MAGsaturdays tape resist birch trees infographic


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