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Stained Glass Frames

Family Art Wednesdays 

Today is a stained glass day. Kites or collages? It's up to you! This is a fun project that will end up with as much detail as you want to put into it.  Feel free to make any shape!

Today for Family Art Wednesdays, you will be creating a stained glass frame out of tissue paper!

Download the instructions here.

What you need: Mat board, pencils, coloured sand, glitter glue, white glue, paintbrushes, scrap paper and funnels (optional).

Step 1. Glue squares of tissue paper onto the transparency film.

Step 2.  Cut the film to fit a frame, if you do not have a frame make one.

Step 3. Decorate frame and punch a hole for the ribbon.

family art stained glass frames


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