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In the spirit of what is typically the Westerner Days Fair & Exposition week here in Red Deer, today's Work of the Week is:

Western parade suit, 1950s, Made by Vaquero, California. Gift of Francis “Choppy” Steiner, 1986.141.12

Western Parade Suit, Choppy Steiner

Fancy Western suits such as this were inspired by Hollywood stars such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Their dress was based on that of the California cowboy, which was in turn inspired by the Spanish Vaquero. ‘Rodeo Ben’ Lichtenstein, Nathan Turk, and later Nudie Cohn, lavishly decorated cowboy suits with embroidery, sequins, and ‘gems’ for their Hollywood and Nashville clientele. Several oilmen in Calgary wore fancy parade suits made in California in the annual Stampede Parade.

This suit, worn by ‘Choppy’ Steiner in the annual summer fair parade in Red Deer, features typical western details such as pearly snap buttons, smiling moon pockets and shotgun cuffs.

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