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Rangoli Designs

Cultural Heritage Wednesdays 

Rangoli is a colourful art form from India; the intention of these designs is to bring good luck. Patterns are constructed from materials such as sand, flower petals, grains and more, and used to decorate the ground such as at the entrance of a house or at festivals and special events.

Today for Cultural Heritage Wednesdays, you will be creating a Rangoli design using coloured sand!

Download the instructions here.

What you need: Mat board, pencils, coloured sand, glitter glue, white glue, paintbrushes, scrap paper and funnels (optional).

Step 1. Choose a simple Rangoli design to draw onto your coloured mat board with pencil. Search online for some ideas!

Step 2.  Use glitter glue to outline the shapes.

Step 3. Using a paint brush and watered down white glue, paint in one shape with glue and sprinkle coloured sand on it. Repeat with all the shapes. *Consider limiting the colour scheme and repeat colours for harmony.

Rangoli Design Infographic

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