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Keeping the Creativity at Home with miniMAG - May 13, 2020

Time for miniMAG at home!

Baby Koi in a Bag!

You'll be creating your own fish in a bag today in honour of the MAG’s koi fish. You get to paint a fish, put it in a bag, and keep it on your shelf and never have to feed it!

You can download the instructions here

What You Need: What you need: Paper of varying colours (white or grey for the base, blue shades, oranges, and greens, but you can use any colours you want!), glue, markers, clear plastic bag (bread bag is a good size) but use whatever you have on hand.

Step 1: Using your neutral paper draw a vase shape that will ultimately fit into your clear bag, cut it out and glue down blue water cut-outs to both sides of the bottom.

Step 2: On your orange or other coloured paper draw and cut out two fish of the same size. Dec-orate your fish using paper scraps or markers!

Step 3: Glue one fish to each side of your bag shape and add plants to your bag if you would like.

Step 4: Put your artwork inside one of the clear plastic bags and tie the top with a ribbon. Admire your double-sided fish bowl!

baby koi minimag infographic

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