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#MuseumWeek #HeroesMW

Dr Richard Parsons photo

Photo:  Dr. Richard Parsons taken in 1934. Red Deer & District Archives, P8353

Each year the MAG participates in @MuseumWeek which aims to deliver culture and arts to audiences worldwide digitally. 2020’s theme is ‘Togetherness’. Today’s MuseumWeek theme is #HeroesMW, a day devoted to the people on the front lines. It gives museums and art galleries an opportunity to highlight local historical stories and artifacts that celebrate key workers.

One of our stories is of Dr. Parsons. During the height of the Spanish Flu epidemic Dr. Richard Parsons saw 50 patients a day. His wife Ella Parsons would write to her mother frequently during this time. Many of her letters conveyed her worries about her husband's health and well-being while fighting this pandemic. Sadly, Ella herself would succumb to the Spanish Flu and pass away in 1918. On the day his wife died Dr. Parsons saw 14 patients.  As part of the MAG collection we hold his medical kit.

Dr Prasons Medical Kit MAG Collection

Photo: Dr. Parsons’ medical bag, medicines and medical text book.  MAG Collection 1984.152.1A, 1984.153.15

Thank you to all essential service workers for keeping our community running; from the grocery store clerks, food service providers, doctors, nurses to the custodians, truckers and delivery service employees. #UnsungHeroes #HeroesDontWearCapes

The City of Red Deer website has some more information about the history of Dr. Parsons and Parsons Clinic

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