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Keeping the Creativity at Home with miniMAG - May 6, 2020

Time for miniMAG at home!

It's a Barnyard in Here!

We are creating a barnyard in your home today.  Make your favorite farm animal with all the colours and patterns you can manage!

You can download the instructions here

What You Need: Stencil of the barnyard animal(s) of your choice, Old gift card or scraper, Paint (acrylic works great), Mayfair Paper, Cardstock, Scissors and Glue.

Step 1: Add some paint onto a large piece of paper and use a card to drag out the paint. Try three different colour groupings.

Step 2: Work on some legs, feet, noses and eyes using cardstock while your paint dries.

Step 3: Use the templates to trace your barnyard animals and cut them out.You can find many options by searching online for barnyard animal stencils to print or trace. Or draw your own! Be as abstract as you want.

Here are a couple of templates we found online: From moomah and

Or print this one from

Step 4: Add in all your extra features!

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barnyard animals minimag infographic

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