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Keeping the Creativity at Home with miniMAG - April 29, 2020

Time for miniMAG at home!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Have you ever wanted to use a fork to paint with? No? Well, maybe you will now. We will be using a fork to paint the fuzzy on our bears today.

You can download the instructions here

What You Need: Watercolour paper, brown liquid tempura/or acrylic paint, a fork, felt or scrapbook paper

Step 1: Start by painting two ears on either side of your page about 1.5 inches in from the side and top.

Step 2: Use your fork and squish a circle onto the middle of your page.

Step 3: Use your fork and draw lines out from the middle. Turn your page as you go.

Step 4: Cut out ears and a nose shapes. Cut circles for eyes. You can use paper or felt.

brown bear inforgraphic minimag

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