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Keeping the Creativity at Home with miniMAG - April 22, 2020

Time for miniMAG at home!

Button Animals

Animals and buttons, what a great combination!  Create/use a template to trace your animal (our example is an elephant), and then fill it in with coloured buttons.

You can download the instructions here

What You Need: 12”x12” cardstock paper, Animal template, Buttons (small buttons work much better), String, White Glue

Step 1: Using a picture of an animal trace the shape of the animal onto a piece of paper or cardboard and then cut this out to make your template. Trace you animal template onto a 12”x12” piece of cardstock paper. We’re using an elephant today.

Step 2: Pick out a bunch of buttons and 4 pieces of string (4-6” long). The string will be used for our button balloons! The ears work the best with a large button, smaller ones work everywhere else.

Step 3: Glue down the string first then start with your large buttons and add small ones in around.

Step 4: Test your piece to make sure all the buttons are secure. Now admire you’re button animal!

minimag button animals infographic

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