The Third Murder

Oct 29th, 2018

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Our third film of the Fall 2018 Reel Movie Mondays season, THE THIRD MURDER screens October 29th, 2018 at Carnival Cinemas

The Third Murder

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, Not Yet Rated
Japan | 124 minutes | Japanese w/ English subtitles, Unobstructed View Inc.

Tickets are on sale now! Purchase your tickets online, stop by the MAG in person, or give us a call at 403.309.8405. Tickets are $8 each for valid MAG Members, and $10 each for Non-Members, up until 4:30 pm on film nights. Tickets can be purchased at the door on film night for $10 each starting at 6 pm (cash only; no member rate at the door), pending availability. 

About the Film:

Following its North American premiere at TIFF 2017, The Third Murder captures critics and audiences alike with its intricate details and complicated courtroom drama. From acclaimed Japanese writer and director Hirokazu Kore-eda (After the Storm; Shoplifters), the film focuses less on legal jargon and more on the engrossing stories that unfold during the case.

We witness a murder and hear the guilty confession from Misumi (Kôji Yakusho, Oh Lucy!; Babel). Can it be that simple? The Third Murder evolves into a complex narrative when different stories emerge as defense attorney Shigemori (Masaharu Fukuyama, Like Father, Like Son) and his team investigate. Each story reveals a layer of Misumi’s hidden life — both in his work at an industrial factory and in his relationships with estranged family members and his boss’ wife and daughter. The plan to prove Misumi’s innocence turns into a blame game that involves warping the truth to present a more palatable story in court.

Throughout The Third Murder, the question of whether Misumi murdered his boss becomes all but irrelevant. The film demonstrates a strong consideration for the evaluation of truth and the importance of understanding subjective experiences. Like a modern-day Rashomon, The Third Murder is more than a murder trial. It is a case study on the ethical decisions and moral judgments we face in our daily lives and the weight of controlling whether a person lives or dies.

“Sleek and suspenseful, deceptive and profound, The Third Murder is an artful addition to the canon of modern-day crime drama, one whose core mysteries encompass more than just the case at hand.”
– Michael Leader, Sight & Sound Magazine

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