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Chris Wutzke - Artist

Chris Wutzke was born and raised in small town Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. In 2012 she made the move to Red Deer after being accepted into the Visual Arts program at Red Deer College. At RDC, Chris became addicted to Printmaking and Sculpture processes. She graduated from the program in 2014, and stayed for an additional year to experiment more with Sculpture, and practice intaglio printing techniques.

Growing up, Chris could often be found with her family exploring in the Rocky Mountains, or as she likes to call it, “the backyard”. She believes in the importance of a human connection and closeness to nature, which is a large influence in her work. Recently, Chris has also become passionate about finding solutions for living with a reduced ecological footprint. She enjoys researching and brainstorming ways of introducing smaller living to people and communities that are used to living large. (Have you heard of the tiny house movement? She would love to talk to you about it!) Chris has been periodically living smaller since 2009. Her summers have been dedicated to building and residing in a seasonal tipi village in the heart of
the Canadian Badlands as part of a livein science education program for children, teens, and families. The Badlands are an inspiring, foreign world that she continues to revisit through her art.

Chris has shown in numerous exhibitions associated with the RDC Visual Arts Program at the MAG, and Welikoklad Event Centre . Chris has also shown twice at the juried El Minia University International Small Print Student Exhibition, in Cairo Egypt. Her work is represented in the permanent student collections of both Red Deer College and El Minia University.

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Chris Wutzke is our talented resident MAGnificent Saturdays artist. On occasion, we invite Guest Artists to lead a MAGnificent Saturdays activity. Check the MAGnificent Saturdays event listings to see if there are any upcoming special Guest Artists; their name will be included in the activity title. 

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