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MAGCentral Lending Libary

Mag central Artifact lending libraryMAG Central - Artifact Lending Kits

The Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery’s MAG Central is an engaging resource for object-based learning.  Many everyday items from the past such as household objects, toys, military equipment, fur trade items, Indigenous tools, and photographs all highlight our regional history, tell personal stories or share insights into day-to-day life long ago.

Five key reasons real objects are ideal learning tools for students in your classroom....

1. Offers a sensory experience; and stimulates curiosity.
2. Creates direct links to specific topics or subjects in the curriculum.
3. Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
4. Generates lively participation and discussion.
5. Encourages students to learn more about things that are of interest to them.

Three key reasons historical artifacts are ideal reminiscent kits for seniors…..

1. Sparks memories of the past.
2. Stimulates curiosity.
3. Facilitates discussion and socialization.
4. Sharing knowledge and interests.

Our MAG study collection is available for loan to schools and community organizations to supplement their programs with historical artifacts.

Specifically designed kits allow teachers and students to explore the past through objects.  We have developed nine themes selected from our study-collection artifacts to be loaned out to schools and organizations. The themes support specific topics in the Alberta Curriculum, Grades 1-9. 


Book early as each kit will need to isolate for 1 week between bookings.  Disposable gloves will be provided instead of white gloves. 

Cost:  Due to administrative costs and costs to create new kits in booking these kits we have decided to start charging a fee to cover expenses.  

Kit themes include:

By bringing the museum to you, the MAG has created an outreach resource for schools and community organizations to enhance their programs, with ‘hands on history’.

How to book a MAG CENTRAL KIT……

Please book at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure items are available.  Kits are $25 to rent and can be loaned out for a maximum of two weeks, and all loans require a refundable deposit of $50.00.  Loan agreements will be signed at time of pick up and the deposit will be waived upon kit return.

Outreach Presentations

Outreach presentations are available at a cost of $40.00/ hour. This includes a museum educator to accompany the kit and lead an inquiry-based learning opportunity.

If you have any questions or to book your MAG Central Kit e-mail: or contact Lynn LeCorre 403-309-8445.

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