Weaving Tales: The Art of Storytelling

Nov 17th, 2019

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Weaving Tales: The Art of Storytelling - THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!

Learn about storytelling with Mary Hays and Doreen Vanderstoop from The Valiant Five: from the foundation of folktales, to the telling of your own story. Discover how the threads of the stories of history and of your community can be woven together to tell your own story. Bring a 'thread' of your own story to tell and spin it into art. This workshop is for the whole community – youth, writers, museum interpreters, volunteers and just plain folks who would like to explore the art of storytelling.

What to expect: 

Participants will see and hear Mary and Doreen tell stories. They will take part in retelling a story in a storytelling circle. They will weave their own story to tell to the group. They will shape the details, crafting the story with rich language and refining it in the storytelling process. The workshop will highlight both traditional tales and newly created stories based on historical or personal anecdotes.

The Valiant Five

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MEMBERS* - $20 - Weaving Tales: The Art of Storytelling - November 17, 2019


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About Mary Hays & Doreen Vanderstoop

Mary Hays and Doreen Vanderstoop, both of Calgary, AB, are active members of Storytelling Alberta - Connecting through Story and Storytellers of Canada.  They have partnered together for storytelling at concerts, festivals and conferences. They love to tell all kinds of stories – traditional tales, historical tales, family stories and even ghost stories. They have created unique storytelling workshops for a variety of communities including the Calgary Zoo, Storytellers of Canada, and TALES (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling).

More about Mary | More about Doreen

Mary Hays and Doreen Vanderstoop Alberta Storytellers

Storytellers perform stories of all kinds -- from epic to historical to personal -- in the oral tradition, to entertain, enlighten, inform and nurture human connection. Mary and Doreen perform for people of all ages, wherever they gather... such as concert venues, festivals, schools, libraries, hospitals, seniors' lodges, places of worship, kitchen tables and...museums.

Stories are passed down orally from one person to another.  They are captured in the written form for the teller to choose, shape, tell and refine with each oral telling.  Trust yourself, your rich imagination to weave the story. Give it life - take it to heart and tell it!

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