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Artist in Residence: Linda Shantz

Jul 20th, 2021 - Jul 24th, 2021

Heritage Square Artist-in-Residence
with Linda Shantz

offered as part of the exhibition, A Prairie Vernacular: Folk & Contemporary Art Narratives of Life On the Canadian Prairies

We invite you to watch local wood carver, Linda Shantz as she whittles wood folk-like houses, faces or animals. She will be set up in Heritage Square (located next to the MAG) each afternoon from 1-4 pm from July 20-24, 2021.

About Linda: Carving Artistry in Wood

Linda Shantz, black and white photo

In 1995, Linda realized her talent following a course in Bark carving during a Junior Forest Warden campout in British Columbia. She was delighted with the first results and continued to carve bark from black poplar and improve her skills.

Soon her carvings became recognized for the expression she was able to create in faces, and the intricate detail carved into each piece.

Her works are now cherished by people worldwide. She continues to win awards and acknowledgement throughout North America. She also placed in an Edmonton carving competition.

Linda has expanded her carvings to include birds, animals and masks. She partakes in courses to expand her interest and skills.

She enjoys instructing and sharing her enthusiasm for carving with others. She especially enjoys the reward of encouraging youth to develop artistry in wood.

Artist-in-residence programs give artists the opportunity to work outside of their usual environments, providing them with space to produce work, and an opportunity for the community to learn an artist’s process.

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A Prairie Vernacular

A Prairie Vernacular examines historic and contemporary representations of the vernacular in artistic practice on the Canadian prairies, considering the relationship of folk art to contemporary art produced in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

These representations of the vernacular not only adopt the materials, methods and/or motivations of a folk aesthetic, but speak to shared contexts and subject matter, either reflecting on memories and histories of life on the prairies or presenting visual narratives rife with humour, fantasy, myth, politics, religion, and the prairie gothic.

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This exhibition is on display at the Red Deer Museum + Art Gallery (MAG) until August 16, 2021.

Image credit (top) L-R: Kenneth HouseGo, Casual Distress, Harvester, 1985, Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  Ann Harbuz, Inside Views of Whitkow, 1980.  Jude Griebel, Grandmother, 2012.  William Panko, Happy Cabbages, n.d., Collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  Jane Zednik, Bull, 1980.  Amalie Atkins, Scenes from a Secret World, 2010.

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